Saturday, July 18, 2009

I can haz sharp knife!

It's been forever since the last journal entry.

Let's just catch up and write about what we did today. This is a very special weekend as it's the first one I've had off since starting a new job two months ago.

We went to the bank to sign our mortgage papers so we are officially in a huge debt!
*cheers & applause*

We finally went knife shopping with (best man) Matte at a culinary implements supply boutique. He promised us we'd find something so amazing we'd throw all our other blades away. With his guidance, we walked away with this beauty:

Oh wait. Oops. That was our grocery shopping trip to find stuff to chop. Here she is:

It has more layers of folded steel than I can count (one, two three, four, five, huh?). Matty let me have the first cut so I sliced the unfortunate vegetable and we both uttered, "WOAH..." and got all giddy. This thing's so lightweight and SHARP. We then decided such a significant event in our lives had to be documented on film. This is me slicing cucumber:

And this is Matty slicing cucumber:

Matty's opinion on the new knife: