Saturday, March 28, 2009

About the ceremony no one is attending b/c they were not invited and Clergy Ontario can stuff it.

Some bad news but our general reaction now is more on the "meh" side as we know what and who is truly important to us: Emily B., our dear friend whom we look up to, cannot be registered with Clergy Ontario as the latter does not recognize the Universal Life Church as an ordaining church.

This means we need to seek another officiant in order to make our marriage official. We wanted to have someone we know perform the ceremony to add a more personal touch so we had Em get ordained on the 'Net. She wrote this beautiful speech for us and I've already wept as I read it. She is still so totally going to marry us.

The "official" part will take place, oh, whenever we can book something at North York City Hall on Apr. 1st. Hopefully it will be first thing in the morning and we'll just go over in jeans and t-shirts and drag my sister and her bf over to be our witnesses.

The official ceremony -- in our eyes -- will be the one conducted by Emily on the (hopefully) grassy hill between York Mills and Lawrence at 3pm. Only family members and wedding party will be present, I think (we are humouring our parents and grandparents by including them to witness the ceremony but I refuse to wear a huge taffeta wedding gown. Reception guests, however, are more than welcome to wear those pouffy white gowns to the restaurant). Really, you won't be missing out as we say,

-------------------- SPOILER ALERT! --------------------

"I do," to each other and get pronounced husband and wife and smooch. It's a fifteen-minute ceremony. We've already picked up our rings and we couldn't wait to wear them so we're wearing them now. Matty looks very sexy wearing his. Terri is always sexy.

We promise to take lots of pics and maybe videotape it so we can post it on facebook. Now how much more intimate can it get?

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